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Why Your Asset Performance Is Still Not Where You Want It To Be

Still experiencing more unplanned failure than you would like, along with high maintenance costs and a short, busy, and reactive planning horizon?

Asset management has changed significantly with the advent of RCM, APM, Industry 4.0,IIoT, the acceleration of sensor capabilities and applications, ERP evolutions, mobility, and cloud deployments. However, it seems we have yet to make the transition from reactive to proactive, from disorder to order, and from uncertainty to predictability.

With all the technological advancements, the evolution of the asset management discipline, and the expanded focus on reliability, why have we not made the advancements we would expect?

This workshop will explore this question and present some surprisingly simple concepts that can unlock progression and support the success of the large programs and initiatives underway in your organisation.


Aligning Asset Strategy with Enterprise Strategy

Asset Management in the Digital Era: The Impact of Tech and Innovation


Jason Apps
Jason Apps


ARMS Reliability

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20 March 2024

Esplanade Fremantle, Perth

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