Founded in 1996, MAINSTREAM is an award-winning B2B community – serving asset-intensive industries with research, information, events, training courses and digital media that celebrate the successes, and accelerate the careers of Asset, Reliability and Maintenance professionals.

These unglamourised, humble practitioners make stuff work on an industrial scale. Whether they take Iron Ore out the ground; keep Power plants running; or fix and maintain Aeroplanes, Trains, Conveyor Belts or Turbines – few things excite them more than making equipment and machines do more than they were ever designed to do – faster, safer, longer, and more reliably. Let’s just say that they are keeping economies moving!   

At the heart, MAINSTREAM is a fundamental belief in the power of people. We are passionate about connecting people who share common goals. It’s this spirit of community that encourages people to break through barriers, engage in brave conversations and form lasting relationships. This philosophy sets a climate where ideas and people grow. Where minds and hearts open up to fresh thinking and new faces, and communities of common interest thrive.

22 March 2023

Esplanade Fremantle, Perth

See you there!