The MAINSTREAM research team polled our community of thousands of Maintenance and Reliability professionals to glean distinctive insights into challenges faced, and the opportunities on offer, in their quest for achieving asset management excellence. These hot topics drive an agenda designed to help leaders and teams understand best practices, compare their companies’ performance and working environment to those inside and outside their industry, and make informed and effective decisions.

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Professional industry engineer worker wearing safety uniform and hard hat, using tablet computer
Misalignment Between Asset Strategy and Company Strategy
Poor Asset Data that Compromises Decision-Making
Significant Loss of Institutional Knowledge as the Workforce Ages
Decreasing Quality and Integrity in Work Management Fundamentals
Uncertainty About the Impact of Decarbonisation on the Asset Manager
Declining Mental Health and Well-being of the Maintenance Workforce
Inadequate Alignment of Safety, Risk Management, and Asset Maintenance Plans
Concerning Lack of Appreciation for the Critical Role of Reliability Engineering
Improving EDI Practices and the Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion
Abundance of Choice in Attractive Industrial Technology and Platforms
The State of Asset Management Research Report 2024

The 2024 State of Asset Management

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