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March 22, 2023

What Decarbonisation Means for Asset and Maintenance Managers

Asset Stage
Day 01

Decarbonisation will frame theoperating context of so many asset classes and sectors over the next decade. Itis disrupting previous lifecycle plans, investment and reinvestment decisions,asset management strategies and tactics, and the physical asset manager's role.

  • The complex challenges with older assets in emission reduction
  • Simple and practical strategies by improving equipment reliability (extending tyre life, managing compressed air leaks, reducing electrical I2R losses, managing fugitive emissions losses, etc.)
  • Reallocation and reskilling of labour
  • Using asset data and AI to manage environmental risk, optimize asset performance and drive decarbonization
  • The requirement for a fundamental shift in education (Tafe and Universities)
  • Managing and coming to grips with Scope 3
  • Working with regulators
  • The capacity and resource challenge with all our companies relying on the same suppliers and resources to decarb at the same time

Decarbonisation and the Physical Asset Manager’s Role


John Searls
John Searls

Asset Management & Performance Advisory


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