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March 20, 2024

Creating the Future of Workforce Health and Well Being Strategies for the MAINSTREAM Community

Asset Stage

In this thought-provoking session you’ll hear key learnings and experiences from Simon Brown-Greaves. We’ll draw on his 20 years career as a workplace psychologist and his more recent experience as Chief Mental Health Officer at Australia Post.

Workplace mental health – rarely has one topic received so much attention. The topic was clearly the no 1 issue impacting the Mainstream community. Yet despite so much time, energy and resources being thrown at the issue are we seeing any real evidence of impact and improvement and are we really managing employees’ expectations and demands when it comes to wellness?

This session will concentrate on how to develop a positive mindset and a positive outlook. We’ll hear what companies can do to ensure they manage workforce stress effectively. We’ll examine programs which have created a culture of belonging while forging psychological safety at work and demonstrate how we can measure success.



Simon Brown-Greaves
Simon Brown-Greaves

Chief Mental Health Officer

Australia Post

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