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March 20, 2024

Asset Management Strategies to Reduce Your Energy Consumption by 20% or More

Maintenance Stage

The United States Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that most industrial facilities in the manufacturing, mining, and process industries can reduce energy consumption by 20% by implementing existing best practices.  

The savings can be doubled with investment in R&D and technology. Much of the savings is derived from better management, operation, and maintenance of production assets.  

This workshop introduces the important role asset managers and maintenance & reliability engineers play in reducing energy consumption. In addition to saving energy-related costs, deploying the important practices described in this workshop reduces greenhouse gas (GHG)emissions and reduces wear and tear on the equipment assets.  

  • Minimising parasitic frictional losses
  • Reducing the effects of electrical harmonics
  • Achieving phase-to-phase electrical balance
  • Finding and eliminating pressurised fluid leaks
  • Maintaining combustion efficiency


Drew D. Troyer
Drew D. Troyer

Principal Advisor

Bootleg Advisors

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20 March 2024

Esplanade Fremantle, Perth

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