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William Fry

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Combining Conventional and Hybrid Strategy Development Models In Support Of Fast-Tracked Operational Readiness Programs

Delays in recruitment posed many challenges for this LNG producer when it came to developing and deploying maintenance strategies with an internal workforce and created a significant knock-on effect including:
• no detailed equipment hierarchy
• no maintenance strategy
• no maintenance budget (planned and total)
• no justification for maintenance workforce volume
• no visibility of maintenance workforce skill sets

Approach (high level):
• Rapid build-out of detailed equipment/maintainable item structure
• Criticality analysis supported by review and analysis of pre-construction reliability and capacity models
• Formation of strategy teams – running in parallel with staggered starts:
o FMEA strategy build for high critical assets
o Rapid strategy build from existing library strategies to form budget assumptions
o Workforce requirement assessment based on developed strategies
o Outsourced workforce scope to support labour hire and tender processes
o Development of detailed work instruction documents for high critical and complex assets

• Assurance that critical assets have the most effective and cost optimised strategies – loaded and ready to start in cmms
• Forward maintenance budgets are based on real world strategies against actual known assets and operating contexts
• Labour is being sourced based on volume and content of maintenance strategies
• Material costs and holding requirements defined and driven by justified maintenance strategy
• Enormous maintenance strategy library designed to support additional operation growth as well as deployment across other operations
• Informed and educated senior leadership and operational teams aligned on the strengths and limitations of the different approaches to asset strategy management

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2-3 August 2023

Crown Promenade, Melbourne

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