Wayne Swanepoel

Wayne Swanepoel

Maintenance and Reliability Manager


Summit Sessions

Successfully Separating Our Engineering Function in Three - Reliability, Maintenance Engineering and Compliance!

Until recently, there was no clear strategy to undertake Reliability work within Alcoa. The Engineering structure did not support the delivery of reliability work and equipment performance was unpredictable. In this session we’ll explain how we have deliberately and purposefully segregated the Engineering function into three clear sub - functions - Reliability, Maintenance Engineering and Compliance – creating a major step change in predictability of equipment performance and compliance to Asset Activities will be sustained.

  • Providing vision, context, and purpose for your Engineering Function
  • Designing an Operating Model for Engineering
  • Design of a structure that supports the Engineering Strategy
  • Resistance to change can be overcome by including the Engineering team in the design of the RACI (Operating Model)
  • Designing the Org Structure that will deliver the Strategy
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20 March 2024

Esplanade Fremantle, Perth

See you there!