Rob Alexander

Rob Alexander

General Manager - Port Development

Southern Ports

Summit Sessions

Using ISO55000 as a Digital Transformation Enabler

Southern Ports Authority reviewed the rate of return and the reliability of their assets as part of the amalgamation to build a resilient business model with an asset centric focus. This vision was used to form a strategic development plan with a 10-year horizon. The board and CEO devised a comprehensive asset management vision and set an organization objective with to become ISO55000 certified and be fully digital by 2025.

Rob will explore the foundational elements of a SMART port and how it is mapped to a digitized AMS. You will explore the digital transformation of an integrated asset management framework by creating a data driven business model using an EMS implementation as a vehicle. The journey covers:

  • Stakeholders’, events, challenges, selecting objectives, and building an acceptable Asset management system with all the required subsystems
  • Training competency and change managements
  • Doing the base line asset maturity assessments
  • Re-inventing the maintainer of the future and creating agile high performance team members to provide customer centric solutions at pace, aligned with ISO55000
  • A demo of the technology markers and the use of IOT, remote working and advanced digital engineering to move data from the field into an asset health analysis tool
  • The AMS competency framework, engagement and creating digital online training, that can be done at the users own pace and meet the objectives of the asset management systems
  • The sustainability elements developed and implemented through digital tracking and reporting with a view of moving from a SMART PORT to a FUTURE port
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22 March 2023

Esplanade Fremantle, Perth

See you there!