Convince your boss

We have put together some wording to help you motivate Mainstream attendance to your employer. You're welcome to copy and paste the text from here, and modify as needed.


I would like to ask for your approval to attend MAINSTREAM taking place in Fremantle on 22 March.

There are several conferences out there, but I have picked this one because the capability development, insights and learnings presented and discussed there are exactly what our team needs to be more efficient, stay ahead of competition and avoid unnecessary costs.

Unlike many Asset, Reliability and Maintenance conferences, which often have technical engineering sessions and many ‘sales-ey’ presentations by vendors, these guys curate their content around meticulous research. Top issues for this year are:

  • Unprepared for the Maintenance Workforce of the Future and the Current Skills Gap
  • Workforce Health and Wellbeing
  • Using Predictive Analytics Tools and Software
  • Alignment of Asset Strategy with Enterprise Strategy
  • Using the Enormous Amount of Asset Data Collected
  • Underappreciating the Reliability Engineer
  • How to Secure Budget for Initiatives and Projects
  • Operational Readiness
  • Executing Work Management Fundamentals

There is also a plethora of tech case studies on AI, Machine Learning, RPA, Virtual Reality, Sensor Networks, Automated Data Collection, Digital Twin Technology, Drones, and Robots for Inspections.

MAINSTREAM is renowned for the way they approach learning. They know that we all learn differently. That is why they offer a mix of learning formats:

  • Keynotes (E.g., The Asset Management Workforce Crisis)
  • Interactive case studies (E.g., Using ISO55000 as a Digital Transformation Enabler)
  • Unstructured Townhalls (E.g., The Reliability Engineer Dilemma)
  • Training Courses (E.g., Planners School)

All up, the entire conference is created on top of “real-life examples, case studies and practical techniques applicable to your work right away.” So, I would see how other companies and industries work, what mistakes they had done in the past, and what we can learn from it.

My personal development

I appreciate the opportunities to grow as a professional in our company, and I’m very excited about MAINSTREAM because:

  • The impressive line-up of case studies, experts, and speakers
  • The friendly, intimate spirit of MAINSTREAM makes it easy to interact with speakers and other delegates at the various networking functions
  • MAINSTREAM includes an amazing expo with some of the largest Asset and Reliability vendors, and a whole lots of smaller start ups
  • Because our industry is changing so quickly, it is important to learn what others are doing, and where best practice is heading.


Up until the 23rd of December is our half price2-for-1 special. This means getting two tickets for $950 each. Standard rate is$1,900. This includes:

  • Curated Content Across 3 Tracks
  • Access to all Keynotes, Breakouts and Demos
  • Lunch, Morning & Afternoon Teas
  • All Networking Parties and Functions
  • Mobile App & Meeting Planner
  • Personalised Schedule-Builder
  • Searchable Attendee List
  • Access to all Content After the Event

On a personal note, I have been following MAINSTREAM for years now. MAINSTREAM has been running for 26 years. I feel confident that I will bring back a ton of useful notes, takeaways connections for our team and our company, and I am looking forward to improving our efficiency and reducing unnecessary costs. Someone at MAINSTREAM could have the answer to our biggest challenge!

I’d appreciate you considering my letter, and I hope you have a moment to take a look at the website — MAINSTREAM — and the overview of topics and speakers covered there.

Thank you,

22 March 2023

Esplanade Fremantle, Perth

See you there!