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March 22, 2023

Methods & Tools to Achieve Reliable and Accurate Planned Data for High Value Work

Root Cause Stage
Day 01

Faced with high-cost Shutdowns looming, it was critical that OZ Minerals were able to estimate, plan and schedule accurately with the right costs, labor, and parts. We determined that our planned costs within SAP for Task Lists, Work Orders and major work were highly inaccurate; and continually relying on spreadsheets and other data sources to forecast costs. With limited resourcing & budget for consultants to remediate master data, we used tools to update preventative task lists as well as support the accurate and rapid build of corrective action task lists. Using these tools, we were able to get into a position to accurately understand the trend of materials & labour hours, which led to improved budgeting, and improved accuracy in our material and labour requirements.

• Our challenge with planning our high spend work
• Accepting the challenge to improve (e.g. Shutdown task lists didn’t have the necessary accuracy (e.g. materials) for successful execution)
• How we went about fixing it
• What was the benefits both in terms of planning and scheduling accuracy and time saved


Aligning Asset Strategy with Enterprise Strategy

Making Use of the Enormous Amount of Data Collected


Dean Rigelsford
Dean Rigelsford

EAM Business Partner

OZ Minerals

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22 March 2023

Esplanade Fremantle, Perth

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