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Let Reliability Engineers Do Some Reliability Engineering - The 21st Century Approach


This engaging program invites the participants to consider the science of failure and essentially how failures happen.  From that basic understanding, the task ahead is clear; keep failures from happening. There isn’t much new in the art and practice of reliability engineering, in fact, our challenge is to just execute the objectives as we should have been doing all along.  Let Reliability Engineers do some reliability engineering.

Our focus has been less than 20/20 for a very longtime. Organizations fortunate enough to have Reliability Engineers haven’t been engaging this resource correctly. Instead, companies created high priced part-finders, over-qualified maintenance supervisor, and number crunchers churning out metrics no one really cares about.

Best-selling author and the creator of the Certified Professional Reliability Engineer certification program will move attendees through an informative session that starts with the science of failures, moving on to build an appreciation for inherent reliability, then a discussion on the mathematical relationship between Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability, and then the insistence of creating a reliability culture that is hell-bent on making data driven decisions.

The benefit for those tuning in to this session is clear. You’ll gain ammunition needed to make a compelling case back at your operation to finally let Reliability Engineers do some reliability engineering.


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20 March 2024

Esplanade Fremantle, Perth

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