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March 22, 2023

Breaking Down Silos to Make APM Work at Scale

Asset Stage
Day 01

This interactive discussion will explore the reasons many organizations have not realized the promises of an asset performance management implementation, and position Integrated APM as an evolution of traditional approaches which drives the connection between current disparate data sets and supports asset performance improvement at scale.  

To gain control of asset performance there are key foundational elements required to support data-driven decision making. Process and associated trigger points are also essential to ensure that improvements are initiated, implemented, and leveraged across an entire asset base.  

Technology is also a key consideration, ensuring that it supports the process, doesn’t provide constraints, and drives productivity improvements in our shrinking maintenance and reliability workforce.


Aligning Asset Strategy with Enterprise Strategy

Impediments to Executing Work Management Fundamentals


Jason Apps
Jason Apps


ARMS Reliability

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Aligning Asset Strategy with Enterprise Strategy

22 March 2023

Esplanade Fremantle, Perth

See you there!