Simon Brown-Greaves

Simon Brown-Greaves

Chief Mental Health Officer

Australia Post

Summit Sessions

Creating the Future of Workforce Health and Well Being Strategies for the MAINSTREAM Community

In this thought-provoking session you’ll hear key learnings and experiences from Simon Brown-Greaves. We’ll draw on his 20 years career as a workplace psychologist and his more recent experience as Chief Mental Health Officer at Australia Post.

Workplace mental health – rarely has one topic received so much attention. The topic was clearly the no 1 issue impacting the Mainstream community. Yet despite so much time, energy and resources being thrown at the issue are we seeing any real evidence of impact and improvement and are we really managing employees’ expectations and demands when it comes to wellness?

This session will concentrate on how to develop a positive mindset and a positive outlook. We’ll hear what companies can do to ensure they manage workforce stress effectively. We’ll examine programs which have created a culture of belonging while forging psychological safety at work and demonstrate how we can measure success.

Scratching Below the Surface – Panel Session

Health and Wellbeing is very much front and centre for maintenance and reliability leaders. Creating mentally healthy workplaces is a necessity for employee productivity, satisfaction, and organisational success.

FIFO teams are a huge part of the regions workforce and bring very specific and difficult challenges. This engaging conversation will explore the strategies and practices that leaders are using to build workplaces that support and empower employee well-being, engagement, and productivity. How do we manage the growing concerns regarding the mental health and well-being of our workforce and the FIFO team. During this session we will focus on the projects bringing results.

In this session we will:

  • Learn how organisations can use technology effectively
  • Hear about the key tactics we can employ to communicate with traditionally hard to engage workers
  • Examine the key support services in a hybrid/online environment to bring about benefits
  • Look at the changing psychosocial risk landscape – regulation and compliance “ fit for purpose solutions”
  • Focus on the key risks to the MHW of remote and FIFO workers eg. shift impacts, fatigue, isolation
  • Examine why we include contemporary job design principles into the FIFO context
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20 March 2024

Esplanade Fremantle, Perth

See you there!