Rebecca Yianakis

Rebecca Yianakis

Production Manager

Sydney Water

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Inclusive Reliability Engineering Delivers Trifecta of Improved Reliability, Culture Change and Career Development

Reliability engineering is traditionally seen as the domain of technical experts, complex data sets and maintenance strategies often seen as equal part art and science. With all the pressure of Covid, an Australian-first model to delivering maintenance and CAPEX projects and a business wide SAP implementation, it was little surprise that reliability engineering was below the radar at Sydney Water.

Reliability engineers had been loaded with writing business cases, forecasting future renewals, and crunching data to feed board reports looking well into the future. For many this ‘strategic focus’ was a comfortable fit while it left others looking for a closer plant connection. Enter two production hub managers and two reliability engineers challenged with inspiring exhausted teams, divided by Covid, and frustrated by equipment failures.

The managers worked to ensure reliability engineers were placed at the at centre of a program which transformed employee engagement, improved reliability, and reduced maintenance costs.

  • Design programs which engage shift production employees and maintenance team members in key reliability engineering activities
  • Improve capture of key information to drive improved reliability
  • Identify and onboard unconventional reliability engineering candidates
  • Re-energise traditional reliability engineering teams
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22 March 2023

Esplanade Fremantle, Perth

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