Matt Tinnelly

Matt Tinnelly

Engineering Manager, Lead Technical Authority

Z Energy

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Asset Management Coupled with Heightened Regulatory Requirements in a Twilight Industry

Asset management in a twilight industry faces unique challenges due to heightened regulatory requirements. This abstract examines the implications of stringent regulations on asset management practices in industries nearing obsolescence or decline. It explores how organizations navigate complex compliance landscapes, balancing the need for operational efficiency with regulatory demands. The abstract highlights the importance of robust asset tracking, documentation, and reporting systems to meet regulatory standards. It also discusses the role of proactive risk management and mitigation strategies in mitigating regulatory risks. Ultimately, the abstract emphasizes the need for adaptive asset management frameworks that accommodate evolving regulatory requirements while optimizing resource allocation and ensuring sustainable operations in twilight industries.

  • There is always wiggle room within the most stringent regulations
  • ISO55001 is great, but it's not the catch all!
  • People will (ultimately) show you the best way of doing things
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2-3 August 2023

Crown Promenade, Melbourne

See you there!