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Luca Garagnani

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From Data to Wisdom – How Combining Data with Expert Analysis is the Future of Asset Management

How should asset managers set up their condition monitoring strategy to truly understand the condition of your critical and non-critical assets, ensure reliability and avoid unexpected maintenance and shutdowns?
Typically, asset condition monitoring is performed by evaluating the results of diagnostic measurements against criteria.
The problem lies in evaluation and interpretation of available data to best manage your asset and identify and address issues before they impact production.
In this presentation, you will understand the most effective approach to asset management used by asset experts to determine the active failure mechanisms based on the results of diagnostic measurements combining human oversight and data analytics.

· Condition assessment challenges for managing assets
· Overview and application of taking a risk-ranking approach to asset management
· Case study of Online PD (partial discharge) data analysis

Key take-aways include;
1. An understanding of the Risk Ranking Approach for condition assessment of critical assets and how to apply this to your assets
2. A broad understanding of Failure Mechanism Analysis and appropriate applications
3. An understanding of effective online Partial Discharge Analysis and appropriate practical application

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2-3 August 2023

Crown Promenade, Melbourne

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