Lisa Bayne

Lisa Bayne

Director / Principal Consultant

Archer Group Consulting

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What Makes a Successful System Implementation? Insights from the Inside

The implementation of business systems can be a challenging experience. From process development to change management, obstacles can seem to face businesses and their people at every turn. When successful, the implementation of new business systems, including electronic Permit to Work systems, can become more than just tools for organisations - they can be incredibly valuable assets.

Speaking from their broad experience leading a large implementation, including adoption and management of an electronic permit to work solution (Prometheus ePAS) at Queensland's largest electricity generator, Jason Paull and Lisa Bayne will share their implementation pillars and lessons learned "from the inside". Their expertise will provide you with practical advice to assist your own implementations and planning, as well as provide valuable insights of what to follow an implementation with to ensure maximum value can be realised, capability they now provide for multiple organisations with their newly formed Archer Group Consulting.

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2-3 August 2023

Crown Promenade, Melbourne

See you there!