Jean-Philippe Le Denmat

Jean-Philippe Le Denmat

Operations Director ER&D


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The Future of Mining: Unleashing the Power of Data to Manage Risks through Predictive Maintenance

Drowning in asset management challenges?

Companies invest billions of dollars in assets and processes that yield substantial returns. However, when these valuable assets encounter unexpected failures, profits start slipping away.

Say goodbye to costly downtime and inefficient maintenance practices. Discover how game-changing solutions, starting from business, and the power of data predict failures, decrease risk, optimize maintenance schedules, and cut operational costs by up to 50%—potentially saving millions per year.

Join us and be prepared to embark on a transformative journey toward operational efficiency and enhanced productivity.

• Mining industry challenges and the need to improve critical asset management.
• Digital Continuity: Unleashing the potential of predictive behavior and maintenance starting from modeling towards operation monitoring.
• Case Study: real impact on business and operations.

Three take-away sessions include;

1 - Harnessing the Power of Data: Learn how the business can benefit from leveraging data and advanced analytics for predictive maintenance, enabling informed decisions and optimizing asset management
2 - Proactive Maintenance Strategies: Understand the benefits of shifting from reactive to proactive maintenance approaches, reducing downtime, and maximizing operational efficiency
3 - Risk and Cost Efficiency management: how implementing predictive maintenance can result in the decrease of risk, significant cost reductions, with potential savings of up to millions per year, and achieve a high return on investment (ROI) in mining operations with more intelligent and sustainable operations

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2-3 August 2023

Crown Promenade, Melbourne

See you there!