CMDR Robert Thompson

CMDR Robert Thompson

Principal Engineer - Amphibious Combat Sealift System Program Office

Royal Australian Navy

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How Do You Eat a 27,000 Tonne Elephant?

Everybody wants to improve their asset reliability and availability. Everybody wants to cut their life cycle costs. But where should an asset manager start? And where on earth do you start when your asset base is a pair of 27,000 tonne Landing Helicopter Docks?

The success of Asset Improvement Programs hinge on multiple factors that must all work together smoothly to enable the realisation of performance and cost improvements. Without the supporting framework of robust processes, top cover from management and access to key Subject Matter Experts, your Asset Improvement
Program will likely stall.

Using the example of the Asset Improvement Program for the LHD Capability, we will explore sound and logical approaches to breaking down large and seemingly overwhelming assets into bite-sized chunks. We will then discuss how we conducted the subsequent sub-system reliability analysis and the benefits that flowed from it.

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2-3 August 2023

Crown Promenade, Melbourne

See you there!