Bart Gieraltowski

Bart Gieraltowski

Senior Regional Reliability, Maintenance and Engineering Manager

Amazon Australia

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Amazon Australia's CMMS Implementation: Overcoming Challenges to Improve Reliability and Reduce Costs launched in 2017 and now offers customers access to 200 million items across 31 categories. In Australia, Amazon operates a network of six fulfillment centres and a series of logistics sites, providing efficient and prompt product delivery to customers across the country. In January 2021 we opened Amazon’s first robotics fulfilment centre in the Southern Hemisphere in Western Sydney. This site has 14km of conveyancing equipment to move product around the building and more than 2,000 robotic drives working alongside the 1,500 people who work there. 

To enhance reliability and reduce costs, Amazon implemented a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) in Australia. Reliability Maintenance Engineering team collaborated with Amazon Australia business leaders to develop a comprehensive strategy aimed at integrating each location. As a result of the plan, all equipment was brought under Preventive Maintenance coverage based on OEM recommendation and data collected from the global network. 

All these actions provided (1) better control of spare parts stock, decreasing the stock intake and limitedthe value, (2) tracked record of maintenance activities, (3) ability to balance the spare parts across the network, (4) the breakdowns history and their relation to specific pieces of the equipment. Overall, the successful implementation of the CMMS is expected to provide Amazon with a highly standardized and optimized system that will improve maintenance management across the Australian network, leading to higher customer satisfaction and reduced costs.

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20 March 2024

Esplanade Fremantle, Perth

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