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Valuing Your Maintenance & Reliability People: The Key to Sustainable Business Success

In an increasingly competitive business environment, prioritizing people is more important than ever. Building a successful and sustainable organization requires retaining top talent, upskilling employees, and treating them as valuable assets. Unfortunately, many companies struggle to implement these practices effectively, resulting in high turnover rates, skills gaps, and disengaged employees.

Focusing on the importance of retaining, upskilling, and treating people as valuable assets in companies, we can gain an understanding of why these practices are essential for building a successful and sustainable organization, and how to implement them effectively. By focusing on talent retention strategies, upskilling, and reskilling programs, and creating a culture of trust, respect, and inclusivity companies can sustain business success for years to come.

As a Leadership and Development Leader within Amazon in the USA, Darren Nerland has a global reputation for learning excellence, delivering innovative strategies and systems that drive performance and growth.


Maintenance Workforce Health and Well-Being Strategies

Creating the Maintenance Workforce of the Future


Darren Nerland
Darren Nerland

Sr. Global Leadership and Learning Manager

Amazon (US)

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