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Unlocking the Power of Diversity

The importance of diversity in asset management, reliability engineering, and maintenance organisations cannot be overstated. By embracing diverse perspectives, we can drive innovation, enhance adaptability, and improve overall performance. In this interactive workshop, we will delve into effective strategies for attracting and retaining a diverse workforce, addressing unconscious bias, and fostering a culture of inclusion.

Participants will engage in a hands-on "Diversity Roundtable" activity, where they will be divided into small groups and assigned hypothetical workplace scenarios. Each group will analyse their scenario, identify potential barriers to diversity and inclusion, and develop actionable strategies to overcome these challenges. By collaborating and sharing experiences, attendees will gain valuable insights and practical tools to create more inclusive and equitable environments within their organisations.

Embracing diversity in asset management, reliability engineering, and maintenance organisations is not only a moral imperative but also a strategic advantage. Cultivating an inclusive atmosphere leads to better outcomes, increased adaptability, and a stronger sense of belonging for everyone involved.


Creating the Maintenance Workforce of the Future


Emily Lok
Emily Lok


KPMG Australia

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1–3 August 2023

Crown Promenade, Melbourne

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