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Risking it all on a ChatBot: Reliability and Safety in AI

Foundation Models like ChatGPT have captured the public consciousness with their promise and potential.   

Yet, business leaders are questioning what risks these powerful AI tools will introduce. This is even more important in heavy industrial industries where reliability and safety are key.

Dr. Shaanan Cohney is a Lecturer at the University of Melbourne's Centre for AI and Digital Ethics where he researches how AI can help–or harm–society.

-Foundation AI Models how do they work

- Capabilities and limitations most relevant to industry

- Ethical considerations to be heeded before deploying or using a Foundation Model (such as ChatGPT) in a high-reliability environment setting like Plant Maintenance

- Evaluating the use of AI such as ChatGPT within an enterprise environment

- Likely advances in near-term AI capabilities


The Proliferation of Asset, Reliability and Maintenance Tech and Innovation


Dr. Shaanan Cohney
Dr. Shaanan Cohney

PhD, MSE, ML – Lecturer

University of Melbourne

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