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August 2, 2023

Reducing Production Downtime by Identifying Critical Spares

Asset Stage
Day 01

In 2022, there was a failure of a pump at a Pump Station. There are two pumps at the Pump Station, one stand by and one duty which rotate in different directions. The bearing on one pump failed, and it was sent for emergency repair. We were unable to start the second pump due to a Transformer being out of service for some time and we couldn't swap it to the other pump as the pumps are different. In this instance, we were able to get the pump up and running just in time, however it highlighted the need to have critical spares on hand.

We needed to identify critical spares on a region by region basis and collate the data across all of the Sunwater business to provide a risk ranked critical spares list for the business to work through purchasing or enter in to supply contracts for. This presentation will look at the Criticality Assessment Methodology and how we went about identifying Critical Spares.

Key Learnings

  • Creating a logical repeatable process for determining critical spares
  • Gaining input from field staff to get accurate data. We assumed it would be largely a desktop exercise however this was not possible due to missing data in our system
  • If your spares aren't set up as Materials in your system, there is no point in doing any of it! We didn't have accurate data to analyse which made the process more difficult

Navigating Supply Chain Disruptions


Vicki Hlinovsky
Vicki Hlinovsky

Business Process Lead (EAM)


Cameron Pegler
Cameron Pegler

Planning and Scheduling Coordinator


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1–3 August 2023

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