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August 2, 2023

Enhancing Asset Integrity: The Future of Digital Structural Inspections

Data & Tech Stage
Day 01

Bureau Veritas faced challenges in prioritising critical inspections, streamlining reporting, and providing actionable data to clients. OnPlan tailored its digital structural inspection system to bolster Bureau Veritas' processes, delivering an inspection app for efficient data recording, an admin area for enhanced monitoring and recommendation management, and a comprehensive client portal featuring real-time analysis tools and report access. This solution accelerated report delivery, facilitated seamless integration with clients' maintenance workflows, and enabled in-depth analysis of raw data for uncovering vital trends and patterns to help avoid structural integrity issues.

  • Addressing inspection data collection challenges
  • Streamlining client reporting with digital tools
  • Enhancing client data accessibility
  • Uncovering trends for improved decision-making and better equipment integrity

Key learnings from this session include;

  1. The Importance of digital inspection systems
  2. Streamlined reporting to produce efficient work flows
  3. Leveraging data analysis for informed decisions

Asset Management in the Digital Era: The Impact of Tech and Innovation

Data-Enabled Innovation: Turning Data Overload into a Strategic Advantage


Rhys Lewis
Rhys Lewis

Executive General Manager

Bureau Veritas

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Decisions in the Age of Analytics

1–3 August 2023

Crown Promenade, Melbourne

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